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Log diary thingy??

[27/01/22 19:51]

It's been 2022 for almost a month and I gotta say so far this year has been really ambivalent. I kind of lost a lot of motivation to draw and also have gotten more and more depressed, but I also actually am on track with my new years resolution (which is to read more) and I've already finished two books. Oh also that project for art class turned into a truely hellish amount of work. We had to design a building (draw building plans ect ect ect) and shit kept going wrong (like when i realized that our teacher gave us some weird ass paper that didn't really absorb ink, which made fineliner erasable)

[12/12/21 15:21]

Ugh exam season is finally finished, i wrote my last test last week and im finally free from exams (well until next exam season). I've been trying to draw everyday, which i haven't been really been succesfull with but eh it's something. I'm also working on some things for art class rn. Art class has been really shitty the last 2 years, since our teacher p much only does photography and just really boring shit that does not involve drawing or painting or anything, but we finally have an interesting assignment (designing a building) and it's really really fun and also forces me to finally learn perspective

[21/11/21 01:40]

its currently exam season in germany and im just so worn out right now, I wish i could actually draw some more but i dont really have any time for that

[07/11/21 22:42]

ummm finally made a log site, i'm just gonna put dumb thoughts here i think. I dont rlly have anything to write abt rn tho